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Thank you for your support!

The following is a list of our sponsors, to whom we are most grateful! Without them, our journey would have been much more challenging.

MVP (Med Vet Pharm)

Adrein is a 2020  ambassador for the trusted equine brand MVP.  MVP carries the (NASC) seal NATIONAL ANIMAL SUPPLEMENT COUNCIL, so you have confidence knowing you are receiving pharmaceutical-grade ingredients certified for potency and purity.

Adrein has fed her horses MVP products: Exceed 6-way, Gastro Plex (paste and pellets), and In-Sync, for the last 5 years and has recently started using Eclipse PM, Air-way EQ, and Breathe’O2 (paste).  Adrein can also provide you with research and keep you informed about the products that have played a major role in her business of barrel racing. Adrein believes she could not have been successful without these amazing products.

If you are a first-time user call Adrein McFarland at 620-388-6970 for more information or call 833-809-4848 and mention Adrein McFarland!

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